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Middle School Athletics



Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, track and field, wrestling and cheerleading are offered at the middle school level to offer seventh and eighth graders the opportunity to participate in athletic endeavors. Entering the 2021-22 athletic seasons sixth graders were added to competition in basketball, soccer and track and field.

County championships are offered in football, basketball and track. The Trail to the Title football championship dates back to 2004 when the school district implemented a football playoff to determine a county champion. The Trail to the Title features a three round playoff involving eight teams (four region champions and runners-up). The Championship game is played at James R. Hallford Stadium.

The basketball championship tournament moves into its 21st season this winter (2021-22). Champions are crowned in both boys’ and girls’ play. The tournament has a play-in round (8 teams vying for four spots in the main draw) and then a four round main draw featuring title and consolation games.

Track has a regular season schedule which ends in the Boys’ and Girls’ County Championships at the end of the season. All teams are eligible to participate in the championship meets.

Following the season, athletic programs are evaluated on their advancement in the post season as well as their play in the regular season to determine the most outstanding middle school athletic program. The winning program is awarded the DeKalb County Middle School All-Sports Award which is entering its 14th season in 2021-22.