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operations planning mapThe Planning Department of the Operations Division is committed to the success of District students, families, and faculty by ensuring that present and future generations have access to educational facilities wherein they can both learn and thrive. In close collaboration with state and local governments and organizations, our dedicated team of researchers, analysts, and cartographers gather and interpret geographic-based data that is then translated into student enrollment and capacity forecasts.

We further contribute to the vision and mission of the District by facilitating planning-specific community input meetings, and by creating and maintaining resources such as documents, maps, and school locator tool below.

School Locator
Active Schools Map

Active Schools (by region)

Board District Map

Board of Education District Map

Regions Map

Regions 1-7

Elementary School Map

Elementary Schools

Middle School Map

Middle Schools

High School Map

High Schools

Facility and Property Map


The following table contain the historic & projected enrollment and current capacity for each of the schools with corresponding attendance area map, if applicable.

School Capacity Calculations


  • Hans Williams