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two children boarding a school busEach morning, the Transportation department of the Operations division sets the wheels of student success in motion by safely transporting over 50,000 bus riders to District schools and centers. Each afternoon, we return them safely home. We also proudly transport students and staff to and from extracurricular activities such as band and athletic events. Providing these services is both our responsibility and our privilege.

We are committed to reliability, timeliness, and, above all else, safety. To that end, we have proactively designed and effectively implemented employee training and fleet maintenance strategies that have decreased preventable accidents, reduced bus break-downs, and increased on-time arrivals.

We are honored to daily inspire, achieve, and excel on behalf of the children, families, and communities we serve.

Transportation Hiring Opportunities

Fleet & Special Transportation

  • Cedric Burse
    Director – Fleet Services
    Email | 678.676.1385
  • Lanetta Mills
    Special Transportation Manager
    Email | 678.676.1458
  • Gara Martinez
    Special Transportation Manager
    Email | 678.676.1427

Regional Transportation Managers

  • Harold Lewis
    Region 1
    Email | 678.875.0111
  • Pamela Sanders
    Region 3 & 5
    Email | 678.875.0136
  • Bernando Brown
    Region 2
    Email | 678.875.0121
  • Kevin Phillips
    Region 6 & 7
    Email | 678.875.0261
  • Juanita Graves
    Region 3 & 4
    Email | 678.875.0131

Fleet Operations

  • Chardra Gordon
    Fleet Operations Manager
    Email | 678.676.1387
  • Kelvin Curtiss
    Fleet Shop Manager
    Email | 678.676.1327
  • Kenneth Parmer
    Fleet Shop Manager
    Email | 678.875.2054