Atlanta Ozone Hosting EuroStars in 4th Game of Ultimate Frisbee Series at Adams Stadium

Atlanta Ozone are coming off an 8th place finish at the U.S. Open Championships as they prepare for the Americus Pro Cup game with the EuroStars. (Photo courtesy of the Atlanta Ozone)

Atlanta Ozone are coming off an 8th place finish at the U.S. Open Championships as they prepare for the Americus Pro Cup game with the EuroStars. (Photo courtesy of the Atlanta Ozone)

The Americus Pro Cup Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Series is coming to DeKalb County’s Adams Stadium as the Atlanta Ozone hosts the EuroStars in the fourth game of the international series competition on Tuesday, August 21 at 7:00 pm.

A competitive series through seven cities, spanning a two week period, pits a team of European all-star women ultimate Frisbee players, the “EuroStars” against seven top North American women’s club teams.

The Ozone is one of the Top 8 ranked teams and will face the EuroStars who have won the first two games of the series to take a 4-0 lead over the seven combined teams making up the U.S. Team as part of the Pro Cup Series.

The series sets “team Europe”, the EuroStars, against “team America”, the club teams collectively. Points are awarded based on the results of each game. The side that earns the most points by the end of the tour will earn the Americus Pro Cup.

The EuroStars opened up the series with a 15-12 over the Madison Heist on August 14 and followed up with a 15-12 win on August 16 to pick up two points for each win.

A pair of EuroStars defenders (blue jerseys) try to disrupt a reception by a Madison Heist player in the EuroStars’ 15-12 win in the series opener. (Photo courtesy of

Next up for the EuroStars is the San Francisco Fury on Saturday, August 18 who hope to get the Americans on the scoreboard before the EuroStars trek across the U.S. to Atlanta for the match against the Ozone at Adams Stadium on Tuesday.

“The Americus Pro Cup is like an electrified The Ryder Cup with a frisbee. World Class Ultimate frisbee players representing Team Europe and Team America will thrill crowds with their skill and intense athleticism,” said Rebecca Forth, the Founder of the tour and Captain of the EuroStars.

The mission of the series is, “to promote gender equity in ultimate through professional, elite level women’s games and clinics”, that aims to inspire women and girls, highlight female European talent, promote and feature female athletes, and share a global spirit.

The EuroStars continue on to Boston on Thursday, August 23 to face the Brute Squad followed by the Toronto 6ixers on, Saturday, August 25 and then on to Washington D.C. to wrap up the series against the Scandal on Tuesday, August 28.

The tour is bound to bring intense competition that is packed with exciting plays, while promoting sportsmanship, mutual respect, and an international cultural exchange.

Ultimate Frisbee is in its 50th anniversary as a sport this year. It is played on a 40 by 70 yard field with two 20 yard endzones. Teams of seven work together to move the disc down the field and score a point with a catch in the endzone. Games are typically played to 15 points.

While the sport requires great athleticism and endurance, players must stop their run upon receiving the disc and have 10 seconds to make the next pass. A turnover results in an immediate change of possession.

The sport is loved for the skillful throws and acrobatic and athletic displays of incredible catches. Amazing layout grabs have reached the Top 10 highlight list on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

The culture of the sport is unique and includes “spirit of the game”, where players use their own rules knowledge and judgment to self-referee through discussions to reach a resolution over fouls and contested calls.

Ultimate is the 2nd fastest sport in the world and is currently played by over 5 million athletes worldwide.

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