STONE MOUNTAIN, GA – DeKalb County residents who are interested in serving as Audit Committee Community Advisors must email their résumé, letter of interest, and application by or before December 13, 2023 by 5PM.

Advisory members shall serve a one-year term and may be considered for re-election to serve a maximum of two consecutive terms by a majority vote of the Board of Education; and must have operating management experience, a background in financial, accounting, or auditing matters, and/or special expertise that would provide unique support to the Audit Committee.

The Board of Education shall review all applications annually in December and elect, by a majority vote, at least two and no more than three non-voting community advisors in January.

For the sake of transparency, the Audit Committee shall review the financial operations of the DeKalb County School District; meet at least quarterly or on an as-needed basis, which shall be open to the public and advertised as required under the Open Meetings Act; and make periodic reports to the board of education regarding financial reporting processes, audit process, internal controls fraud, waste and abuse inquiries, and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

The Audit Committee works with the District’s Office of Internal Audits and Compliance and performs any other appropriate function delegated by the Board of Education.