DeKalb County School District

DeKalb County School District (DCSD) is Georgia’s third largest school system. Under the leadership of the Superintendent and the Board of Education, we prepare students for college and careers through a laser focus on rigorous, relevant classroom instruction related to each child’s needs.

The District serves over 92,000 students, 138+ schools and centers, and 14K employees, including 6,600 teachers. Students and parents speak over 166+ languages and represent over 155+ nations. With a laser focus, DCSD is a leader in STE(A)M curriculum with 32 certified STE(A)M schools and programs. School choice options are available in nearly 50 schools to include theme, magnet, IB, charter, and Montessori options.

Vision: to inspire our community of learners to achieve educational excellence.
Mission: to ensure student success, leading to higher education, work, and lifelong learning.
Motto: Inspire. Achieve. Excel.


To inspire our community of learners to achieve educational excellence


To ensure student success, leading to higher education, work, and life‐long learning

Core Beliefs

We believe

  • In making sure every decision supports quality teaching and learning
  • In ensuring we meet every student’s academic, social and emotional needs
  • In embracing the cultural diversity of our community as a strength
  • In holding everyone accountable for educational excellence

Goal Areas and Performance Objectives

Goal Area I: Student Success with Equity and Access

  • Improve student mastery of learning standards
  • Provide academically rigorous courses and/or pathways
  • Increase graduation rate

Goal Area II: Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

  • Increase the effectiveness of stakeholder engagement experiences
  • Improve opportunities for innovative stakeholder collaboration
  • Improve and ensure effective district internal and external communication

Goal Area III: Staff Effectiveness

  • Recruit highly qualified staff
  • Develop high performing staff
  • Retain highly effective staff

Goal Area IV: Culture and Climate

  • Create and maintain a safe, orderly, positive learning environment for all
  • Establish and maintain clear and high expectations for excellence for all stakeholders
  • Cultivate culturally responsive learning environments for all
  • Provide support for social and emotional learning for all

Goal Area V: Organizational Excellence

  • Ensure excellent financial management
  • Ensure efficient use of resources

Goal Area VI: Facilities

  • Improve and maintain facility conditions
  • Ensure that educational facilities meet programmatic needs
  • Develop and increase sustainable funding for facilities


170 facilities/sites consisting of:

  • 76 Elementary Schools: 67 neighborhood schools; 9 choice schools
  • 19 Middle Schools: 18 neighborhoods schools; 1 choice school
  • 22 High Schools: 18 neighborhood schools; 2 choice schools; 2 other
  • 22 presently vacant or unused sites
  • 14 Other education programs
  • 8 Charter Schools
  • 7 Administrative Offices (AIC, Doraville, East DeKalb Campus #1-#2, Panthersville, Sam Moss, WBBC)
  • 5 Stadiums

History & Area

DeKalb County School District was established in 1873 when residents raised $4,200 to open public schools.

As Georgia’s third largest school system, the District covers 257 square miles within DeKalb County, excluding the areas served by Atlanta Public Schools and City Schools of Decatur.

Student Ethnic Distribution

  • Black 60%
  • Hispanic 19%
  • White 10%
  • Asian 7%
  • Other 3%