DeKalb County Schools’ primary concern is the safety of all students and employees - those who ride buses, those who walk, and those who are driven or drive their own cars to school.

inclement weather imageWhen severe weather creates hazardous conditions in DeKalb County, regular school scheduling may be altered or suspended.

The DeKalb County School District is prepared to cope with such situations. The primary consideration for making a decision to alter District operations is safety.

Making Decisions

The final decision for closing schools is made by the Superintendent. The Superintendent consults with an emergency weather team, and is in contact overnight with DeKalb County security specialists (the National Weather Service, the DeKalb County Police Department, DeKalb County Emergency Management, the Georgia State Patrol, and others) who monitor reports of existing weather hazards.

The decision regarding school operations is made prior to 5:00 a.m. and sent through all communications channels. This information is normally broadcast on local radio and television stations by 6:15 a.m. The Communications department informs parents, students, employees and other stakeholders through a variety of channels including:

  • Local news media
  • District website
  • Emails
  • Calling Posts
  • District Mobile App
  • Social Media

Parents are encouraged to monitor local news reports or to contact the local school to find out whether the District has closed in the event of severe weather.

Sudden Emergencies

School officials meet sudden emergencies during the school day caused by storms or tornadoes with precision and concern for the safety of students and staff. However, it is most important that parents be aware that they are responsible for their children if dismissal from schools takes place.

Alternate arrangements must be made now by parents to house a child in case parents cannot be home.

At the School

When severe weather watches are announced, immediate emergency procedures are taken for safety in schools or for dispatch of students to homes. School principals make key decisions about the safety of all students and personnel under their supervision.

The Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee makes the final decision whether or not to dismiss school. The DeKalb County School District never dismisses students without this authorization.

Make-Up Days

For our students, faculty, and staff, safety is our primary concern. The Superintendent and staff are continually working to ensure that the school calendar is adjusted such that the instructional program is not disrupted.

The Georgia Department of Education provides up to four excused days for Georgia school districts due to inclement weather or emergencies that would not require make-up days.

Learning Tools During Inclement Weather


rocketDeKalb County Schools introduces Launchpad, a student portal that provides access to the students’ Office 365 accounts as well as a multitude of digital academic resources which are provided by the district. With Launchpad, students are able to integrate technology in the classroom while maximizing instructional time.

Launchpad is dynamic tool that changes resources as the needs of the students change. It is easily accessible from any mobile device.