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‘Cap-tivating’ Milestone

At Cedar Grove High School, the journey to graduation is not just a sprint to the finish line; it’s now a series of milestones along the way. This year, the school began a new celebratory tradition to keep the momentum going for underclassmen—a half-cap ceremony.

With the familiar graduation song “Pomp and Circumstance” filling the auditorium, approximately 150 students of the school’s Class of 2025, wearing light blue caps, were there on November 9 to have their moment to walk across the stage in the half-cap ceremony signifying their entry into the second- and final- half of their high school career.

This inaugural half-cap ceremony is strategically designed to congratulate and encourage these juniors to keep focused on earning their high school diplomas. Speakers included school and district leaders and Cedar Grove senior Kyle Mosley, who shared a positive message of being intentional with everything they do in life.
“Whether it be grades, or at work, or in your sport, or with your character—when you do something with intention, you purposely try to do your best,” said Kyle. “With you almost achieving the hardest part of your journey, I encourage you to finish the drill intentionally. It is not too late if your grades or GPA are not where you want them to be.”

Cheers greeted each student when their name was called, and certificates and cords were handed out as symbolic congratulations for their academic progress so far and promises of future achievements and their actual graduation.
Principal Clifton Spears underscored the ceremony’s dual purpose: to honor the present juniors and to inspire younger classes to remain steadfast in their educational paths.

“The hope is that this ceremony will inspire these juniors to stay on track, not only them but for other students who maybe are not on track to do the work to get back on track for graduation,” he said.

Junior Keith Bass acknowledged the significance of the ceremony as a historic motivator for his class and the potential to grow across the District.

“We’re making history, and hopefully, the other DeKalb County schools join us,” said Keith, who has a 3.5 GPA. “This ceremony motivates me to keep going, get good grades, and pass all my classes so I can graduate and walk across the stage.”

Cedar Grove High’s newly launched half-cap ceremony demonstrates the school’s dedication to the success of its students. This creative approach acknowledges this important milestone in attaining a high school diploma. By recognizing and celebrating these achievements, students are encouraged and reenergized to continue their education with passion and drive.

We tip our cap to Cedar Grove High for committing to this worthwhile and exciting innovation!

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