STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. – DeKalb County School Nutrition Services strives to deliver high quality wholesome meals to our students on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, School Nutrition Services failed to deliver the quality we expect last week. The District apologizes to our students and families.

“We would like to thank the parent that reached out to express concerns regarding our meals. Please accept our sincerest apology. Your feedback is highly appreciated and contributes to the success of our program,” said Dr. Connie R. Walker, Executive Director, School Nutrition Services.

On August 26, 2020, DeKalb County students were served tasty meals inclusive of a deli turkey croissan’wich, creamy cheese Cubes, Wowbutter Jammers, assorted fruit, veggies, and beverages. In addition, each meal was accompanied by a variety of nutritionally sound snacks.

DeKalb County School Nutrition Department has systems in place to ensure quality standards are met. Since notification, an extensive investigation has been conducted to strengthen the following internal controls:

  • Schools will inspect all deliveries to ensure that the food item is delivered with the DCSD receiving standards e.g. quality and temperature control.
  • Food items that are stored prior to being assembled in the delivery bags will be re-inspected to ensure quality.
  • Retraining will be provided to School Nutrition Services employees on product receipt, storage, and service.
  • Perishable items will be bagged on the day of meal distribution.

School Nutrition Services remain vigilant in our efforts to provide healthy, safe nutritious meals to our students. As with any food service industry, our customer satisfaction is the first priority.

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