Not Too Late to Join the DCSD Family! The Next Job Fair is Thursday, July 21

teacher tamris mcroyEvery year, the DeKalb County School District (DCSD) proudly welcomes new employees who continue to fill critical roles at schools across the school system. The District is already welcoming approximately 550 new employees for the 2022-23 school year, including 380 educators anxious to mold the next generation of leaders.

One of the incoming teachers, Tamris McRoy, is a veteran educator who is excited to join DCSD in her new role as a math teacher at Flat Rock Elementary School. For McRoy, being part of a vibrant school community attracted her to apply.

“I know the principal there, and I know that she really values school community and uplifting staff and students,” McRoy said.

McRoy, who previously taught first grade, will now teach kindergarten through second grade with hopes to make a more substantial impact on her students’ educational journey.

“I am excited about meeting a new group of students. I also think this year will offer me a fresh start, especially since we are coming out of a pandemic and teachers are starting to get their footing back into the classroom,” she said.

teacher andreca owensAndreca Owens, another veteran teacher, brings 16 years of experience to Chapel Hill Middle School. The social studies teacher is a fantastic product of DeKalb County Schools and is thrilled to return to her home district.

“I graduated from Lithonia High School in 1997, and I felt like it would be a great time for me to come back home and pour into the area I grew up in,” Owens said. “I’m looking forward to providing positive classes and outlets for [my students], and to just pour into them all the things that my DeKalb teachers poured into me. I tell people all the time that we didn’t have everything, but we did have amazing teachers.”

Owens is also eager to learn her students’ personalities and “figure out their quirks, and how to empower them to make them our feature leaders.”

As they prepare for the 2022-2023 school year, both teachers hope the district provides as much support as possible as they adjust to their new surroundings and continue to educate students in this new “normal.”

“I feel like right now we’ve given our students a lot of grace and mercy throughout the pandemic, and I think we lost the perception that teachers need that same level of grace and mercy and support,” Owens said. “I believe an understanding heart and support for our educators would be great right now.”

“I feel like my school can support me by helping me make better decisions,” McRoy said. “I feel like teachers are often left out of the decision-making process. I am looking forward to collaborating with administration and other teachers in the decision-making process to form the best outcomes for everyone in the school community.”

Are you interested in learning more about opportunities for yourself? It’s not too late!

The next DCSD District-wide Summer Job Fair will be on Thursday, July 21, from 9 am-Noon at the Board Offices at 1701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard in Stone Mountain. For more information or to sign up in advance, see: https:/

Salaries for teachers range from a starting pay of $53,751 up to $102,608.

To view all current certified and classified vacancies across DCSD, click the following link: