A look into DeKalb County School District’s (DCSD) finances has confirmed key benefits to DeKalb County constituents.

Since 2015, DCSD has decreased its millage rate from 23.73 mills to 23.08 mills. This has saved DeKalb County taxpayers an average of more than $3.7 million per year, when considering county tax digest increases for the past five years. In total, this has saved DeKalb County taxpayers more than $18.7 million.

“For the past five years, DeKalb County School District’s financial prudence efforts have continued to evolve and benefit DeKalb County tax-payers. This finding is further confirmation that those efforts are not in vain,” said Superintendent/CEO Dr. R. Stephen Green. “We vow to continue this upward trajectory for the betterment of DeKalb County residents. We hope to continue rolling back our millage rate and increase savings for DeKalb County residents.”

For more information on DCSD’s FY2020 budget, visit www.dekalbschoolsga.org/superintendent/budget.