Elementary students recieve free school supplies

students recieve school supplies from volunteerEach year, students in at least one DeKalb County School District (DCSD) elementary school never have to worry about going without school supplies.

Pencils? Don’t worry about it. Pens? Not a problem? Backpacks? Taken care of.

A smooth start to the school year courtesy of one community partner? Absolutely.

Indian Creek Elementary School–located at 724 Indian Creek Drive in Clarkston–welcomed The Love of Giving, Inc., during the first week of school on August 7, 2019. The local community partner brought hundreds of school supplies for students in need, a tradition they uphold every year as students return to school.

The Love of Giving is a 501(c)3 dedicated to helping homeless and underprivileged community members. The organization gathers school supplies and other gifts year-round to show support for school communities.

“When students come to school and they don’t have the right supplies, they’re embarrassed,” said Founder and Director Katherine Miller. “We try to make sure every kid, not just some, have everything they need. Students shouldn’t have to worry about learning.”

Miller and about a dozen volunteers distributed supplies to students at Indian Creek Elementary’s Media Center on August 7. Students and teachers were able to select from an endless array of notebooks, folders, pencil cases, backpacks, pens, markers, crayons, and more.

Miller and The Love of Giving, Inc. return to Indian Creek Elementary during the holiday season to make sure every student has a gift. Students are able to select one gift from an assortment of soccer balls, dolls, LEGO kits, and more.

3 students hold school supplies“We are so thankful to Ms. Miller and The Love of Giving for thinking about Indian Creek Elementary every year,” said Indian Creek Elementary Principal Stephanie Brown-Bryant. “It’s important that students see–and know–they are cared for in our community. These wonderful volunteers do that for our students twice a year.”

The Love of Giving, Inc. works year-round to make sure supplies and gifts are available to every Indian Creek Elementary student. The organization contacts charitable organizations and individuals throughout metro Atlanta to ensure no child goes without.

“The hard work The Love of Giving does throughout the year—making sure every child goes home with a gift for Christmas and the holidays, making sure every child is ready to learn by filling classes with resources—is much appreciated,” said Michelle DeShields, counselor at Indian Creek. “They’re here with us the whole year, every year. We appreciate the genuine love they have for giving.”

According to Miller, the Love of Giving is not just a name, but a feeling that permeates throughout the organization and causes it to grow. The delivery team was made up entirely of volunteers who were ready, willing, and able to give toys to students—the majority of which were donated to the organization.

“It’s so important to me,” Miller said. “Some of these kids don’t have any control over the condition they are in. If we don’t reach out, who will? I’m excited that we can reach out and help.”

Visit The Love of Giving website for more information or call (404) 840-5057.