DeKalb Teacher at Training

Teachers work together using The Flying Classroom curriculum.

A group of 20 DeKalb County School District teachers took off on a journey to enhance math, science and reading instruction through The Flying Classroom program during a visit hosted by Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

The teachers and instructional leaders met with Barrington Irving, captain of The Flying Classroom, toured the control areas at the airport and were able to meet and collaborate with top aviation professionals in an effort to develop STEM lessons for future implementation. DCSD educators met with the following aviation experts throughout the course of the day.

  • Roosevelt Council, Jr., Interim Airport General Manager
  • Greg Richardson, Interim Chief Financial Officer
  • Cortez Carter, Assistant General Manager, ATL Business Ventures
  • Doug Strachan, Innovations Manager
  • Aaron Davis, Senior Asset Manager
  • Capt. Jerome Martin, City of Atlanta Fire & Rescue
  • Myrna White, Director, Office of Public Affairs
DeKalb Teachers at Airport

Teachers look on during activity at Hartfield-Jackson Airport.

A strong emphasis was placed on utilizing The Flying Classroom’s digital, global flight curriculum focusing on STEM principles. The all-access expedition included one of the towers, travel near the runways, and emergency response areas. The knowledge gained from the day culminated in lesson development and teacher presentations. Participating teachers are charged with implementing the STEM aviation lessons by February 2017.