‘Red Table Talk’ Event Fosters Unity and Understanding Among Young Women at Southwest DeKalb High

Celebrating Founders Day, Delta Sigma Theta Members Show the Power of Sisterhood

More than just the start of a new year, January at Southwest DeKalb High School has become a time for fostering sisterhood and empowerment. The school’s second annual Red Table Talk was held on January 11 as part of the Black sororities and fraternities’ Founders Day celebrations. The focus of this event was on teaching young women the powerful importance of unity and collaboration.

Organized by the school’s 22 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority members, this year’s theme was In Search of Sisterhood, guiding activities for the 44 participating students in grades 9-12. Through conversations and games, students learned about the lifelong benefits of working together as a team.

“We wanted to do a mentoring program to assist the girls with the principles of sisterhood and togetherness and teach them how working together makes everything much better,” said English teacher Dr. E. Yvette Walters. “Red Table Talk was created to promote sisterhood among the young ladies at Southwest DeKalb High School.”

Last year, the idea for the gathering was simply an initiative to inform students about high school programs available through Delta Sigma Theta. It was quickly evident that something special was happening. The girls, divided into groups, engaged in meaningful discussions and interactive games, breaking barriers and building bonds, impacting the student participants.

“It was an eye-opening experience, learning to adapt and work with different people and understanding the importance of setting aside ego for teamwork,” said Carrington Howard, a high school senior.

The event’s significance extends beyond an annual celebration; it’s a commitment to the sorority’s values of sisterhood, scholarship, service, and social action.

“Empowering these young women is crucial, especially now. It’s about teaching them to rely on each other through highs and lows, fostering a supportive community,” Dr. Walters explained.

School counselor Imani Handy agreed, “This event is our way of giving back, focusing on education and community.”

As you can see, “Red Table Talk” at Southwest DeKalb High School has become more than just an event. It’s quickly become a yearly lesson in unity, a celebration of diversity, and a testament to the strength found in sisterhood. Lessons that can help guide them through the ups and downs of life.