DeKalb County School District (DCSD) will make up two of its four inclement weather days on Feb. 16 and March 9. A public survey presenting options on how to make up the third and fourth days is now available here.

The DeKalb County School District (DCSD) closed schools for four days this month due to inclement weather – January 8, as well as January 17-19. According to Superintendent/CEO R. Stephen Green, “Protecting our instructional time is key to supporting student achievement. Making up lost time on those dates is prudent and the least disruptive of the options that were considered.”

In considering options to recover lost instructional time, DCSD has committed to keep the current Presidents’ Day, Spring Break, and last day of school as scheduled. DCSD will make up two of the four inclement weather days on Friday, February 16, and Friday, March 9.

Potential options for day 3 and 4 include virtual learning or extending the regular school day. DCSD also wants to remain flexible in case more inclement weather days are needed in the future.

Please complete the short survey about the make-up day options. This is not a vote but rather an opportunity to receive input from all stakeholders to determine the best option for our students and families. In order to ensure that your responses are recorded, select the SUBMIT button at the end of the survey. Please complete the survey only once.

Thank you in advance for providing valuable feedback.