While the students of Canby Lane and Fairington Elementary are savoring the joys of summer, their schools are being “crashed!”

Both schools are recipients of Georgia United Credit Union’s Fourth Annual School Crashers program. Chosen from 330 nominees, Canby Lane and Fairington are two of seven Georgia schools to be awarded free summer makeovers.

As the grand prize winner, Canby Lane will receive multiple facility improvements designed to “improve the overall look and feel of the school and distinguish the learning environment as a safe and happy place for students,” said Shawn Turpin of Georgia United Credit Union.

At Fairington, students will return to an updated media center filled with vibrant color and child-sized reading areas.

At both locations, all-volunteer school crasher teams – composed of community members, parents, educators, and, of course, awesome Canby Lane and Fairington students – are excitedly hammering, painting, designing and more during the months of June and July in preparation for the big reveals in August.