DeKalb County School District’s students made across-the-board gains on the SAT in 2016. More than over 3,400 graduating seniors took the SAT this year, and the results were promising. Students earned an 8-point improvement, up to 459, on the Critical Reading portion of the test compared to the previous school year. Scores on the Mathematics SAT increased to 450, up 7 points from the previous school year. In Writing, the District’s total score was 443, up 6 points from the previous school year.

Since 2014, SAT Critical Reading Scores have increased 48 points; Mathematics scores have increased 37 points; and Writing scores have increased 39 points. This illustrates significant growth in DCSD student outcomes on the SAT over time.

“Thanks to our laser focus on rigorous classroom instruction, our students continue to show academic improvement,” said Superintendent R. Stephen Green. “Our goal is to be recognized for academic excellence and for world-class service to students, caregivers, and our communities. Our improved performance will continue.”