Mobile Center Rolls Into Action to Meet Students Where They Are

student mobile centerThe DeKalb County School District (DCSD) continues to be on the move. Literally and figuratively.

student mobile centerThe latest innovation is its impressive Student Success Mobile Center, unveiled on March 29 at Lithonia High School. Featuring the latest high-tech gadgets, such as interactive college virtual tours, gaming systems, sound recording systems, and laptops, the Student Success Mobile Center was intentionally designed to help level the playing field by reaching a wider audience of students through mobility, thus providing equitable access to post-secondary planning resources.

“Some students will have the opportunity to explore a career that perhaps they never thought they’d be able to explore without this mobile unit,” said DCSD Interim Superintendent Vasanne S. Tinsley. “We want students to understand that their opportunities are unlimited.”

The Student Success Mobile Center will travel to schools across the District, to community events, and through neighborhoods, collaborating with post-secondary education and workforce development partners. It is a colorfully engaging, constant visual reminder of the importance of focusing on future goals and the value of solid post-secondary planning.

In reality, college may not be where some students see themselves heading, and that’s OK. Through this effort, DCSD is increasing the opportunities for students to be aware of the countless options available for them post-graduation from high school.

student mobile center“We know that for many of our students, college may not be the path for them, but we also know that many companies are not looking for the traditional bachelor’s degree,” said Manomay Kidd, DCSD Executive Director of Student Advancement. “They’re looking for some sort of certification or credentialing, so we want to talk about those options so they can make informed decisions about their future.”

This is the second school bus innovatively renovated and redesigned for outreach. The first was the mobile IMPACT Learning Hub, a traveling classroom equipped with resources, supplies, and staff to allow students and adults to pursue education goals by removing the barrier of getting to a school campus.

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