Tarin Glenn, a rockstar crossing guard at Indian Creek Elementary School, has been named the Metro Atlanta Crossing Guard of the Year by the Georgia Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School program. This prestigious award, presented during Crossing Guard Appreciation Week (November 6-10), celebrates Glenn’s exceptional commitment to student safety and community engagement.

The award announcement, made by Metro Atlanta Region Coordinator Marielena Gutiérrez, took Glenn by surprise.
“I’m completely floored and surprised.

I’m also really happy and grateful because it’s always nice to know what you’re doing is acknowledged,” Glenn said.

Glenn’s recognition includes a certificate and essential crossing guard equipment. Her challenging role, particularly her responsibility for the safety of over 300 students daily on the busy North Indian Creek Drive, was a key factor in her selection.

Stephanie Brown-Bryant, Principal of Indian Creek Elementary, emphasized the school’s substantial pedestrian community, with more than 600 children walking to school daily. In this context, Glenn’s role is pivotal. Principal Brown-Bryant lauded Glenn for her personalized approach to student safety.

“Ms. Glenn knows our kids. She recognizes who’s supposed to walk together, knows them by name, ensures their safety, and genuinely cares for them,” she said. “She makes it a point to learn about the students’ diverse backgrounds and languages, enhancing her ability to communicate effectively with them.”

For her part, Glenn pointed out that this recognition reflects her achievements and the collective effort of all crossing guards at Indian Creek. “It’s a huge honor. I am committed to continuing my role passionately.”

This award underscores Ms. Glenn’s vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of Indian Creek Elementary’s students, marking her as an exemplary figure in the school community. Her contribution epitomizes the vital role of crossing guards in fostering safe school environments.

“It’s a huge honor… I love what I do,” she proudly said.