DeKalb County School District Graduation Rates Remain Steady

Oct. 21, 2021 | Stone Mountain, Ga –The DeKalb County School District’s (DCSD) four-year graduation rate for the Class of 2021 is 75.41, based on data from the Georgia Department of Education released today. The 2021 graduation rate is a slight decrease of 0.56 from the 2020 rate of 75.97. The 2021 school year marks the fourth consecutive year of annual district gains for the Asian/Pacific Islander, English Learners, and Students with Disabilities subgroups.

The most notable school gains occurred at Towers and Clarkston. Both schools demonstrated double-digit gains of more than 10 percent in their four-year graduation rate:

  • Towers High School increased by 14.50 percent
  • Clarkston High School increased by 12.85 percent

Clarkston High School has met exit criteria and has been removed from the state-identified CSI Graduation Rate improvement list.

“Under normal circumstances, increasing a school graduation rate is not an easy feat. In light of the pandemic and the continued remote learning environment, we applaud our students, families, teachers and school administrators for their efforts,” said Superintendent Cheryl Watson-Harris. “The tremendous gains in the graduation rates at Towers High School and Clarkston High School are an outstanding accomplishment in the face of adversity. We commend and celebrate both schools and their communities!”

In addition, four (4) DCSD high schools have graduation rates above 90 percent.

  • Arabia Mountain High School – 98.81 (Title I School)
  • DeKalb Early College Academy – 98.51 (Title I School)
  • DeKalb School of the Arts – 97.53
  • Tapestry Public Charter School – 93.75

Additional graduation rate increases were observed at the following six (6) high schools:

  • Chamblee High School (+8.55)
  • Tapestry Public Charter School (+7.54)
  • Cross Keys High School (+1.17)
  • Druid Hills High School (+1.11)
  • Miller Grove High School (+2.42)
  • Columbia High School (+0.20)

The ACT average composite score increased to 22.7 and the SAT total mean score increased to 1037, indicating that DCSD students are graduating college-ready. Operations Graduation 2022 has commenced and focuses on positive interactions, high expectations, relevant and rigorous learning experiences, and opportunities for success to realize the aspirational vision of the DeKalb County Graduate. The initiative:

  • provides opportunities for students to recover credits through credit recovery programs;
  • connects families and students to the appropriate support and services to promote student engagement and attendance;
  • offers flexible graduation options such as dual enrollment or virtual programs (FLEX and Georgia Virtual School);
  • utilizes state of the art interest inventories to help students develop core pathways;
  • monitors the academic progress of seniors monthly with a focus on subgroup progress;
  • analyzes academic, discipline, and attendance data monthly during progress monitoring checks;
  • increases monitoring of on track cohort graduation data beginning in the ninth grade;
  • conducts senior parent meetings;
  • performs transcript audits and provides technical assistance to schools;
  • promotes College and Career Fairs; and
  • provides students and families with opportunities to complete Federal Financial aid applications.

The District aims to connect families and students to the appropriate wrap-around support and services to ensure all students graduate and are prepared for their preferred futures, including college, military, or a self-sustaining career.