Unity in Diversity. Strength in Harmony. We are DCSD.

We Are DCSD Magazine showcases inspiring stories of achievement and triumph from students, classrooms, labs, stadiums, and more throughout DeKalb County School District.

Enjoy!…and we encourage you to share suggested content for future issues by completing the online We Are DCSD story submission form.

We Are DCSD Story Suggestion Form

“Unity in Diversity. Strength in Harmony. We are DCSD.” Through inspiring articles highlighting achievement and triumph, We Are DCSD communicates to all that we are strong, united, passionate, and steadfastly committed to our mission and purpose. Please help us share the We Are DCSD message by providing your story suggestions here. Please Note: • We Are DCSD Magazine is neither a newsletter nor a news publication. Rather, it is a feature-based magazine with a specific tone, scope, and purpose as outlined above. • In order to be considered, each submission must: 1) have both a personal interest and district-level component and 2) contain all requested details including contact information for at least 3 sources per article. • Though all submissions will be considered, timeline, page-count, and other restrictions dictate that only a limited number will be developed for the magazine. • Please submit completed form online, or complete the PDF form and email it to communications@dekalbschoolsga.org.

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Please Note: On occasion, certain DCSD staff members who are very close to the day-to-day themes and individuals to be referenced in a story may wish to develop a draft for editorial consideration. Should the draft be chosen to be further refined and edited for inclusion in the magazine, the name of the individual contributor will be listed among the writers referenced in the magazine masthead of the issue in which the final story appears. (All selected writers will be required to collaborate with the editor during all stages of the editorial process including revisions and subsequent drafts.)

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