Hospital/Homebound (HHB) instruction for any student who meets the eligibility criteria is coordinated through the Student Support Services. The Student Support Team (SST)/504 Committee or the individual education plan (IEP) team and the local school principal will manage the process for all students.

Eligibility Requirements

HHB services are for students who are able to participate in educational instruction and will be absent a minimum of ten school days or that the student has a chronic health condition causing him/her to be absent for intermittent periods of time greater than, equal to, or less than ten days on each occasion during the school year.

HHB Referral Procedures

  1. The student’s parent or guardian is to notify the student’s counselor of the possible need for hospital/homebound instruction. The school counselor will notify the SST chairperson.
  2. The SST chair will provide the student’s parent or guardian with a hospital/homebound referral rorm and medical impairment form. If a student is receiving special education services, the forms will be obtained from the lead teacher for special education (LTSE).
  3. The parent should complete the parental section of the referral form and provide this form along with the medical impairment form to the physician that is recommending hospital/homebound instruction.
    • The physician should specifically state the nature of the illness, the projected length of absence, and that the student is physically able to participate in hospital/homebound instruction.
    • The physician’s signature and license number are required.
  4. After the parental and physician sections of the referral forms are completed, the form should be returned to the SST chairperson or LTSE for the principal to review and sign.