The Georgia Department of Education has released the following video introducing Georgia Milestones Assessment System:

Instructional Resources

The following links represent instructional resources that support thinking skills and helping students to construct responses. Additionally, included are links to information related to formative assessment items.

Lexile Bands & Stretch Bands

Learn more about Lexile Measures or visit your school’s Librarian-Media Specialist.

To promote student literacy gains, parents should encourage students to not only read texts within the appropriate grade-level Lexile band but to also challenge themselves by reading texts at a higher complexity level or within the stretch Lexile bands.


* CCR=College and Career Ready
* Grade Bands reflect the 2012 Revised Appendix A of the Common Core State Standards for English Languages, NGA and CCSSO.

* The Lexile information is referenced in the Georgia Department of Education 2014-2015 Assessment Manual.