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Compensation & Classification

Welcome to the Compensation and Classification Department page. This department is responsible for developing compensation programs, policies, and approaches that meet the unique needs of our academic and business units. The Compensation and Classification Department is also the primary resource to aid in determining the most appropriate classification and compensation rate for individuals based on their experience and education.

  • Goal

    • Provide employees with a total rewards package, competitive with other school districts, that will attract, motivate, and retain a highly qualified workforce.
  • Objective

    • Adhere to district guidelines in utilizing relevant employment history, military service, and certificate degrees to accurately calculate salary placement
  • Responsibilities

    Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Evaluate employment history for all classified, certified positions, as well as administrators, and determine salary placement based on district guidelines
    • Determine eligibility and compute supplemental pay for various extra activity positions
Please see the list below for a list of current position titles, including number of days worked, and the respective Salary Schedule.

DeKalb County School District’s wage and salary program for all staff members is based on the administrative practices established for the district. The same salary schedules are used for all classifications to maintain internal equity within the district.

2022-2023 Salary Schedules

Frequently Asked Questions

The District currently maintains a market‐based compensation system for all District jobs. The current system includes experience‐based annual salary schedules and market‐based salary ranges.
The Board of Education hopes to provide a general increase to all District employees within available resources in future years. However, future District budgets are impacted by changes in local, state, and federal revenues, future legislation, and other factors.
All employees are paid on a semi‐monthly basis and receive 24 evenly distributed paychecks for the school year. All payroll check dates will be based on the 15th day of the month and the last workday of the month.
If the pay date falls on a Monday, holiday, or weekend, employees will be paid on the last work day prior to the weekend or holiday.

Example: If the 15th of the month is on a Sunday, then employees would be paid on the preceding Friday.

Your health insurance premium and half of the flexible spending account (if applicable) contribution will be deducted during the first semi‐monthly check, and the remainder of the benefits (dental, vision, optional insurance, etc. and the other half of the flexible spending account) will be deducted during the check at the end of the month.
All other paycheck deductions will be 50% of your current monthly deduction amount and be taken out of each semi‐monthly check.
Teachers new to DeKalb, who begin the first day of preplanning week, will receive their first paycheck on August 31, and the teacher will receive the earned annual salary divided over 25 checks.
In accordance with the GADOE Experience for Salary Purposes, you must work 63% of the full work calendar or a minimum of 120 days during a full academic year.
Should an employee work less than the scheduled days for his or her position, the annual salary will be pro‐ rated based on the actual days worked. The total annual salary from the salary schedule will be divided by the scheduled days for that position and multiplied by the actual number of days to be worked. The salary is then divided over the remaining months that the employee has to be paid.

Daily rate: $160.00
Multiply by the number of days worked: X  190
Equals total earned: = $30,400
Divided by number of checks you will receive: ÷ 24 checks
Equals your semi‐monthly amount: = $1,266.66
Individuals employed into a Certified, Administrative or Teaching position will receive experience credit for previous Certified, Administrative or Teaching experience, either within the DeKalb County School District or within another school district. Salary placement guidelines comply with the Georgia Department of Education’s Experience for Salary Purposes and the District’s Salary Placement Guidelines.
Experience will be evaluated to assess the similarities of job responsibilities from verified previous experience. If the work experience is determined to be related, the Compensation Unit will consider the length of previous employment and the days and hours worked to determine the amount of experience towards salary placement.
Teaching experience credit is not given for substitute teaching, teacher aide, student teaching, or paraprofessional experience.
In order to receive credit for military service, a copy of the employee’s DD214 must be submitted. The employee may receive up to three years of credit for active military service in the Armed Forces of the United States. Experience credit is not granted for service in the Reserves or National Guard.
Instructional Supplements: Eligible full‐time employees can receive additional compensation for voluntary academic assignments. Payment occurs on the semi‐monthly paychecks distributed during the school year and begin on the 1st paycheck in September. Supplement payment is based on related experience in paid positions. To verify previous experience related to the supplemental assignment, complete a Verification of Non‐ Contracted Positions (Supplements) form.

Athletic Supplements: Eligible full‐time employees can receive additional compensation for voluntary athletic assignments. A one-time payment will be issued at the completion of the sport for Fall, Winter, and Spring.  To verify previous experience related to the supplemental assignment, complete a Verification of Non‐ Contracted Positions (Supplements) form.

Supplements for coaching assignments are paid for the extended daily and calendar schedules which are necessary for practice, competitive events, and other activities related to the respective athletic program. The supplemental assignments must be approved annually by the principal and/or department administrator. A full‐time employee can serve in a maximum of three supplemental assignments in one school year. Employees who complete a partial assignment will receive a proration of the supplement.
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