coronavirus task forceMarch 1, 2020 – The School District continues to work collaboratively with health agencies to receive the most up to date factual information on the spread of the virus and any precautions that need to be taken for the school setting. Below, you will find updated guidance provided by the Georgia Department of Public Health and the DeKalb Board of Health for parents and stakeholders regarding Coronavirus.

A cross divisional Coronavirus Taskforce has been developed by Interim Superintendent Tyson to continually review current guidance from local, state and federal agencies and proactively identify a strategic response plan for the school district. Schools have been reminded of appropriate hygiene strategies to keep germs from spreading. We are also monitoring daily student and staff absences and ensuring that appropriate cleaning strategies are being used in all schools and centers. Keeping our students and staff safe remains our top priority.

Students are reminded of basic hygiene to help reduce the spread of flu and flu-like illnesses. Basic hygiene reminders include frequent hand washing and covering of mouths when there is a cough. Students are also urged to stay at home when they are not feeling well.