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Bus Routes

Many of our DeKalb County School District scholars rely on our buses to get them to and from school. Our goal is to make transportation as safe as possible for our students as they return to school for face to face instruction. Our new practices are rooted in the recommendations of the CDC for keeping transportation safe. We have also worked with other districts across the nation to understand and employ many of the strategies they are using.

What are we doing to keep students safe on the bus?

Physical distancing is needed on buses just like the school building. To achieve this, ridership will be reduced by using the Hybrid model of attendance for schools. This will allow our students to distance on the bus and mitigate the ability for the COVID-19 virus to be transmitted between students.

Face coverings (masks) are the best way to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. On all Dekalb County School District buses, drivers, monitors, and students are required to wear face coverings (masks).

Hand sanitizer will be available on the bus for use by students and district staff.

Buses will be cleaned in between each route daily with approved cleaners and disinfectants. We will focus on high touch surfaces and high traffic areas.

Windows will be used to provide additional ventilation for the bus as well as, the air conditioning units installed on many of our buses.

Drivers will develop a seating chart for buses. Students will be seated from back to front and unload from front to back to minimize contact.

What can I do as a parent?

Please monitor your student’s health daily. This includes monitoring temperature, watching for COVID – 19 symptoms, and following CDC and Department of Health recommendations if symptoms develop.

Students should stay home when sick or showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Parental support is requested for physical distancing at bus stops. This is important to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Ensure your child is wearing a mask when they board a DeKalb County School District bus.

Parents are encouraged to transport students to and from school when possible and practical.
What are the Logistics and schedules for buses?

All stops will be serviced for each instructional day.

Current routes and times are posted on the transportation website and updated with any changes.

Buses will pick up every student at a bus stop and deliver them to school.