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IEP and 504 Information

Implementation of Services for Students with IEPs and 504 Plans

While the District is fully committed to providing appropriate support to students with disabilities, some special education classes, programs, services, and/or accommodations may look different in a remote learning environment. Special education teachers are providing students with instruction in a remote learning format that is content-specific, relevant, and that address individual IEP strengths and needs. Synchronous and asynchronous instructional sessions are provided and specially designed instruction for students with disabilities is being implemented to the greatest extent possible. All teachers are continuing to implement the Section 504 accommodations when applicable. Necessary evaluations are being conducted in accordance with health and safety guidance. The District is continuing to conduct virtual 504 and IEP meetings.

Due to the serious nature of the current COVID-19 pandemic, at this time, the District has not resumed in-person instruction for students as a safety precaution. All teachers and related service providers are working diligently to ensure that rigorous instructional activities continue in the remote learning environment and are accessible for students. It is the expectation that all special education teachers and related service providers follow the DeKalb County School District instructional schedule engaging students in asynchronous and synchronous learning.

A Distance Learning Plan will continue to be implemented for students with disabilities to address IEP programming/services. The plan will describe how the student will access IEP services during remote learning.