Registration & Guidelines

  • A sponsoring teacher from a DeKalb County school is required for each student that registers for the competition.
  • A teacher and/or parent is required to assist students with the registration process.
  • Registration deadline will be announced. Unregistered students will NOT be allowed to compete.
  • There may be up to two people on a team per project, but teams/individuals compete against each other within each grade level grouping.
  • All projects must be unique and only entered in one category.
  • Also, students can only enter one (1) project into the technology fair.
  • There is a 15-minute time limit for presentation on all entries.
  • Students must register on their current grade level, but may be placed in a higher grade classification if teamed with an older student.

All DCSD students will have a Windows 7 PC with DCSD software. Students can also bring their own device if they are using their own program or software.

Judges must use the official rubrics to score all projects for the Tech Fair. Judges should not score their own students or their own child. Although only one judge is required to score a project, it is recommended that two judges score a project and then average their scores. Judges should not allow students over 15 minutes to present their project.

It is recommended that judges have some expertise in the category that they judge. This makes the judging process more fair for students. All decisions made by the judges are to be considered final. Parents or relatives of a student competing are not allowed to judge during the DCSD Technology Fair.

Volunteers are needed to assist with greeting visitors/participants and coordinating other Tech Fair activities.