Categories & Judging

  • Each category will be judged based on the following grade level groupings; 3rd-4th, 5th –6th , 7th –8th , 9th –10th , 11th –12th.
  • For more information and examples of projects click the categories below.
Judging will take place virtually. Students will present their projects and interact with judges during the evaluation process on Microsoft TEAMs.

All student projects will be judged by the following:

  • Originality – Was the entry original, creative, and imaginative in content and implementation?
  • Clarity – Was the student presentation to the judge clear? (Nervousness will not count against the student)
  • Documentation – Did the student receive and document all required permissions?
  • Appropriateness – Was the technology/software used appropriately matched?
  • Design – Does the overall design support the project purpose?

During the presentation, students will be required to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the software in relation to the project.
  • Explain various aspects of the project’s creation.
  • Defend the software selection for the project.
  • Answer given questions about the project.