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Frequently Asked Questions

FLEX Academy offers access to virtual courses anytime, anyplace, and at any pace to meet every learner’s needs. Students start by meeting with their local school counselor to determine course needs. Based on this advisement process, the local school submits request to enroll student into one of FLEX Academy’s programs – During the Day, Beyond the Day, and/or Credit Recovery. All courses follow the district’s academic calendar for consistency and equity.
At this time, FLEX Academy is targeting students in grades 9 – 12. Please see your school counselor for further details about the advisement and eligibility process. FLEX Academy does offer a select number of high school Carnegie unit courses to 8th grade students.  Please contact your local school counselor for details.
Summer Registration will be available April 30, 2021-June 4, 2021. Please see your school counselor for further details about the advisement and eligibility process.
Students with 504s and IEPs are able to enroll in FLEX Academy courses. Prior to your child’s enrollment, please conference with your child’s local school counselor and case manager to make sure your child’s 504 or IEP can be serviced and educational needs will be met. FLEX staff will partner will with local schools to ensure 504 and IEP accommodations are met.
For courses taken During the Day, schools are responsible for designating locations (within the school) that have adequate technology tools for students to complete the courses.
For courses taken Beyond the Day, the following requirements should be followed:

  • Course participation can occur on a variety of internet-connected devices – desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. However, it is recommended that a desktop or laptop is used for optimal performance.
  • Chrome and Firefox Browser are preferred.
  • Access to a camera for video conference with FLEX Academy staff will be necessary.
Students should notify their teacher if they are having problems immediately. If the student cannot access the VERGE Digital Platform, the student should notify the local school counselor or virtual learning facilitator.
Although the pacing chart is in place to ensure are maintaining adequate progress in the course, FLEX Academy virtual learning specialists (VLS) realize there will be occasion where this pacing may need to be adjusted to meet the needs of the student. This adjustment would be made via conference with the FLEX VLS, student, parent, and FLEX and local school counselors.
All contact should initiate with the teacher. Should the teacher be unavailable, students should notify the local school counselor or virtual learning facilitator.
Yes, FLEX Virtual Learning Specialists meet with students on a weekly basis to provide instructional support Monday through Friday (schedules vary by teacher; see course dashboard for details). FLEX Supports will be provided to students virtually using VERGE chat and Microsoft Teams. Additionally, the following schools have been designated as support sites for students needing assistance: Lakeside HS, Dunwoody HS, McNair HS, and Columbia HS for the Summer 2021 semester.
Students must work in each course about 45 minutes, 5 days a week for all .5 unit courses and 90 minutes for 1.0 unit course. However, this varies depending on the students’ ability.
All FLEX Academy students should complete orientation so that they can begin working in their course. Click to view the FLEX Academy Orientation video.