FLEX Academy for Success and Innovation opened its virtual doors to students on January 5, 2017.

More than a “credit recovery factory,” FLEX Academy offers flexible, teacher-led online courses and units both during the school day and after hours. This enables students to expand their learning day and gain credits that lead to graduation as well as college and career readiness. While graded items in each course have scheduled due dates, students have the flexibility of working on courses from school, home or a nearby library. Students may elect to take any course offered by FLEX Academy, with approval by a local school counselor or designee prior to enrollment.

  • In our vision, we see a program that models Flexible Learning with EXcellence.
  • Our mission is to provide flexible options that meet diverse learning needs as well as promote excellence, success, and innovation.

What to expect as a FLEX Academy High School Student

FLEX Academy High School courses are asynchronous. This means that students will always have access to content. There will be live teacher sessions weekly and instructors are available through Verge during the regular school day. However, there will be no daily face-to-face instruction.

Courses correspond with semester length courses in brick-and-mortar schools. If you attend a school that uses BLOCK scheduling, your year-long courses will be divided into two parts: Part A and Part B. Both must be completed to receive credit at the end of the semester. If you regularly attend a school that uses traditional scheduling, you will be enrolled in either Part A or Part B of the course.

Common Misconceptions

“FLEX Academy is easier.” 
It depends on what you mean by easier. Some students find learning online more challenging than attending a brick-and-mortar school because they must schedule their own time rather than following a bell schedule. Students are responsible for staying caught up with their work. Students must ask questions if they do not understand something. However, some students find the flexibility important to meeting their needs given health, activities, or other considerations.

“Students can take as long as they want to complete virtual courses.”
The course planner will be used to determine the assessment due dates. Content and assessments will be available per 4.5 Week grading period. Once the grading period has passed, all content with due dates falling within that grading period will be unavailable.

“FLEX Academy does not have real teachers.”
FLEX Academy teachers hold valid Georgia teaching certification and are Highly Qualified in their subject area as required by DeKalb County School District. These teachers thoroughly review your submitted assignments and provide valuable feedback to help further your understanding of the content. They are available to answer questions by Verge or Teams.

“FLEX courses can be completed on a smartphone.”
While this may technically be possible, it is highly recommended that students use a Chromebook, laptop, or desktop computer for most of their coursework. You may also consider using a desktop computer at your local public library.

Taking Responsibility

As a FLEX Academy High School student, you will be responsible for scheduling your own time rather than following a bell schedule, like you would at a traditional high school. You’ll be responsible for staying caught up with assignments and staying on-track to complete each course within its time limit.

If you do not understand something, you will need to reach out to your teacher and ask for an explanation. Developing this responsibility can be demanding work, but it is also great preparation for college or your career.