Program Highlights E-SPLOST V

Projects (Referendum Focus Areas) $ millions
1. Safety and Security Improvements $13
2. New Facilities and Additions $298
3. Facility Condition Improvements $97
4. Technology Improvements $65
5. Buses, Vehicles, and other Capital Equipment $40
* Management Support and Program Contingency $48
Total: $561

# 1 Safety and Security Improvements ($13 MILLION)

  • Improving school safety and security
  • Enhancing surveillance systems (cameras, etc.)
  • Upgrading or replacing fire alarm and sprinkler systems
  • Installing perimeter fencing and security vestibules
#2 New Facilities and Additions ($298 MILLION)

Current and future overcrowding concerns to be addressed by:

  • School capacity additions
  • New and/or replacement schools (due to aged facilities, overcrowding, and/or expanded program needs)

Process and Selection Criteria:

  • Results from the Secondary School Feasibility and Planning Study (Summer 2016 completion) and projected facility utilization will guide the expending of these funds
  • Facility assessment data will guide the list of facilities that may require replacement
  • Two new elementary schools to relieve overcrowding within the Cross Keys Cluster

#3 Facility Condition Improvements ($97 MILLION)

Replacement of aged building systems (Capital Renewal Program):

  • Roofing
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Kitchen

Replacement of aged building systems (Capital Renewal Program):

  • Restrooms
  • Building code requirements, including ADA accessibility
  • Athletic fields and play spaces
  • Parking lots and other paved surfaces
#4 Technology Enhancements ($65 Million)

Technology purchases and upgrades:

  • Digital communication technology
  • Enhanced school security solutions
  • Wireless technology
  • Technology hardware, software, and related infrastructure
  • Enterprise content management solutions
#5 Buses, Support Vehicles, and Other Capital Equipment ($40 Million)

Technology purchases and upgrades:

  • Replace and/or supplement school buses and support vehicles
  • Replace capital equipment to enhance instruction and increase operational efficiency.