E-SPLOST (Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) is a specific type of tax that can be used ONLY for educational purposes. A one-penny sales tax funded by anyone purchasing goods in the county, regardless of their place of residence, E-SPLOST monies are earmarked for education-specific capital improvements such as new construction, facility expansion, technology upgrades, and more.
E-SPLOST is NOT a new or additional tax. Rather it is a continuation of an existing tax that has been continuously approved by DeKalb County voters since its inception in 1997. The current version, E-SPLOST, will continue June 30, 2022.
  • Replacement of aged building systems: roofing; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; electrical; plumbing; kitchens
  • Facility condition improvements and upgrades: restrooms; building code requirements; athletic fields and play spaces; parking lots and other paved surfaces
Serving nearly 102,000 students, DeKalb County School District is the third largest in Georgia. As such, the District is responsible for 140+ sites − totaling more than 14 million square feet of space.

The E-SPLOST is essential for the District to effectively meet the teaching and learning needs of our students and teachers, and to improve communication with parents.

Utilizing E-SPLOST funds for capital projects would enable the District to continue “to inspire our community of learners to achieve educational excellence” (our vision) and “ensure student success, leading to higher education” (our mission).

1997 – 2002:
• constructed ten new schools
• added multi-purpose buildings at each elementary school
• modified existing facilities

2002 – 2007:
• constructed 11 new schools
• made modifications across the District including major renovations of ten middle/high schools

2007 – 2012:
• replaced one high school
• provided 12 major renovations/additions, and 140 minor renovations

2012 – 2017:
• replaced seven elementary schools and two middle/high schools
• provided five major renovations/additions
• made stadium improvements, technology upgrades, school bus purchases, and capital renewal of many facilities