From cyberbullying to social networking, Cyber Safety Day aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues and to encourage students and staff to use the internet and social media more safely. In an effort to create a culture of cyber safety awareness, there will be a district-wide Cyber Safety Day on February 7, 2017.

Join us for our #CyberSafeDeKalb LIVE Twitter chat to discuss safety tips and effective social media strategies. Follow our Twitter page @DeKalbSchools and use the hashtag #CyberSafeDeKalb to join in on the conversation from 9am-10am on February 7, 2017. 

cyber-safetySocial websites and smartphone apps can be a fun, exciting and convenient way to connect with our family members, friends and new people across the world. But if not used properly, they can also expose unsuspecting children to risks such as child predators, human traffickers, cyberbullies and other criminals.

DeKalb County School District is committed to helping both students and families understand these risks and why they should be taken seriously. Beginning during National Cyber Security Awareness Month in October, the District urges you to stay safe online by joining our #CyberAwareFamily. This page contains a wealth of resources from experts on how students and parents are well informed how to avoid the pitfalls of failing to be safe online.

Below is an example from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, of why these risks should be taken seriously.

According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, being Cyber Aware means pledging:

I agree not to post information and images that could put me at risk, embarrass me, or damage my future, such as:
  • cell & home phone numbers
  • home address
  • sexual messages
  • inappropriate pictures and videos
I will not:
  • post anything rude, offensive, or threatening
  • send or forward images and information that might embarrass, hurt, or harass someone
  • take anyone’s personal information and use it to damage his or her reputation
I agree to:
  • ask my parent or guardian’s permission before going
  • have a parent or guardian accompany me
  • meet in a public place
If someone makes me feel uncomfortable or if someone is rude or offensive, I will:
  • not respond
  • save the evidence
  • tell my parent, guardian, or another trusted adult
  • report to the website, cell phone company,, or the police

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Learn more about how to #StayConnectedResponsibly by watching the video clips below