DeKalb County School District’s Volunteer Training

By signing on as a volunteer, you become a member of our team of professionals that proudly provides educational services to more than 93,000 students in our DeKalb County School District.

This webpage is designed to assist you in registering to be a volunteer with the DeKalb County School District for the volunteer period of June 1, 2020 – May 30, 2027. All approved volunteers must re-apply for volunteer status every five calendar years.

Please complete the following steps to become a DCSD Volunteer. The process for volunteering takes about 30 minutes total and includes about 20 minutes of online mandatory child abuse reporting training required by the State of Georgia for all volunteers.

Watch the DCSD Volunteer Orientation:

After watching the video, please complete the Volunteer Training Quiz available at the following link: 

Please complete the Mandated Reporter Training. Click on the following link to access the training:

*Please make sure to save the certificate you will receive after completing the training as you will need it later.*

Once you finish both parts of the training, complete the Volunteer Application Form available at the following link:

If you are a Level II Volunteer, congratulations! You have completed your training.

Please send your Picture ID and Mandated Reporter Training Certificate to the following email address: You will receive a confirmation email with a certificate of completion and instructions to contact the school.

For Level III Volunteers ONLY.

 Schedule an appointment with the Public Safety Department for the fingerprints. The appointment can be scheduled at:

If you need assistance, please send an email to: