DCSD Mobile IMPACT Learning Hub

“We believe that this innovative model of meeting our students and families where they are through our mobile classroom will be a game-changer and will have a major impact on student achievement. The vision of the mobile classroom is to create flexible, student-designed learning environments that increase access to information, resources, and training in the comfort of our neighborhoods.”

Superintendent Cheryl Watson-Harris

Provide a Mobile Parent and Student Center for stakeholders to receive information, resources, and training in the comfort of their neighborhoods.
School buses by design pick up students and bring them to school, but this bus will bring the class to the students and workshops to parents and caregivers. The DCSD Mobile IMPACT Learning Hub will be equipped with resources, supplies, and staff to allow students and adults to pursue education goals by removing the barrier of getting to a school campus.

DeKalb County School District is committed to academic excellence and believes that the DCSD Mobile IMPACT Learning Hub is not only a unique endeavor for the District, but also an innovation that will benefit the community as a whole.

We will visit communities where our marginalized students and families reside – particularly families who don’t have access to transportation and have linguistic challenges.

In an effort to bring education to marginalized communities, the bus will be equipped with a library, computers, internet access, desks, and study nooks for students and their families for free.

We believe that this model of meeting our families where they are will be a game-changer and will have a major impact on student achievement.

The DCSD Mobile IMPACT Learning Hub will also serve as a unit for our Student Learning Hub.

As support to Elizabeth Andrews High School and DeKalb Alternative School, DCSD mobile, in-person, and virtual learning hubs will continue to serve as an ecosystem of community-based supports for students who need or desire flexible learning environments and for students transitioning from DeKalb Alternative School back to their home schools.

The District’s Office of Student Advancement will utilize the DCSD Mobile IMPACT Learning Hub as a strategy to minimize the obstacles students face in pursuing post-secondary options by hosting events directly in the community. The mobile classroom will facilitate building trust with students and families through in-person academic and social-emotional support services at convenient locations.

Using the DCSD Mobile IMPACT Learning Hub will allow Student Advancement to support students with completing the FAFSA; dual enrollment eligibility and process; and college, career, and life readiness opportunities.

  • Parenting workshops, Infinite Campus training, Make and Take, Nutrition and Health Practices, Child Abuse Prevention, Behavior Management, Technology Training, Social Emotional Supports and much more!
  • Tutoring for students
  • One on one conferences with parents
  • Counseling for parents and students
  • Mentoring/coaching sessions for parents and students
  • Technology & Internet access
  • IMPACT Coalition Activities
  • Restorative Leadership Programming
  • Flexible Learning Environments & Innovative Learning Spaces
  • Student Led Hub Design
  • Coordinated Community Support
  • Virtual Reality College Tours

As a means to increase support of families and students, staff will coordinate community assets to make resources more available via the Mobile IMPACT Learning Hub. Several community-based organizations have agreed to collaborate with the school district on this initiative.

These organizations include: DeKalb County Government, Pharaohs Conclave, Think Live Inc, Alonzo Crim Center at Ga State University, Ownership is The Future, Scottdale Early Learning, Reimagine/ATL, United Way of Greater Atlanta, College A.I.M., Decide DeKalb, Corners Outreach, Africa’s Children Fund, Hope Murals, Big Brothers Big Sister, Perkins and Will, 228accelerator, Graham Moore, InspireEdu, City of Stonecrest, and Peace Baptist Church.

We thank CRPE and TNTP for their commitment to innovative approaches to learning.

For more information, please contact the Department of Family & Community Engagement at: