by Narva Dunlap, District Family Engagement Specialist, Parents’ Personal and Professional Growth & Development

What are the pertinent skills that employers are looking for to determine qualified employees?

The following snapshot of picture-perfect skills is recommended for parents that are seeking job opportunities in today’s workforce.

  • Utilize effective communication skills.
  • Provide accurate and timely information.
  • Exhibit technical competency.
  • Show a strong work ethic.
  • Exemplify determination and persistence.
  • Demonstrate flexibility and commitment.
  • Collaborate with co-workers as a team player.
  • Grow and develop personally and professionally.
  • Use problem-solving skills to complete tasks.
  • Prove to be loyal and trustworthy.

Parents are encourage to prepare, practice, and possess these preferred employment skills.

Would you like to experience professional job-related training?

If so, parents or guardians in the District will have an opportunity to improve and/or enhance their job training skills. In preparation for job and career fairs, DeKalb County School District’s Department of Parent and Family Engagement, in partnership with various community collaborators, will provide parents/guardians professional job training, resources, and services. The training will spotlight and include a:

  • Job Search Etiquette Workshop (What to say? How and when to follow-up? What to look for and expect when searching for employment?)
  • Professional Resume Workshop (The “write” tips for developing a professional resume. Use templates for a new resume or receive edits on your current resume.)
  • Interview Skills Workshop (Are you ready for an interview? Practice what to say and don’t say during an interview. A sneak peek to commonly asked interview questions.)
  • Technology Tools & Techniques Workshop (Navigate through basic computer skills.)
  • Dress for Success Workshop (Why does your attire for a job interview matter? Dress for Success and impress with inexpensive and affordable styles.) as well as workforce resources and services. Remember, your appearance and skills can portray an important first impression that counts, but last impressions are forever!

We look forward to supporting and working with our parents in achieving their professional goals.

For information regarding this article, please contact Narva Dunlap or 770.865.3750.