by Latonya Winters-Buford, District Family Engagement Liaison, Parent Leadership & Advocacy Training

Creating a routine for kids during COVID-19 can provide structure and predictability during times of uncertainty.

Many parents have found keeping routines and structure in quarantine to be quite a CHALLENGE! During a time of crisis, when so many things are unknown, creating a routine helps children in several ways. Structure promotes reassurance and a sense of safety. Routines can also promote positive physical and mental health. Structure helps children learn to manage time and space, and teaches them to follow through on their commitments.

Here are three ways we can help provide structure for our children:

  1. Scheduling and structuring time: morning routines, mealtimes, bedtime routines, study time, playtime; and encourage hobbies. Hobbies are a great way to foster creativity and imagination while giving children something to do to break up their day.
  2. Organizing their space: making the bed, keeping the room clean, household chores, and study space. Giving a child a simple task or job to do can help build up their sense of empowerment.
  3. Behavior: involves setting rules and guidelines on respect, teaching about choices and consequences. Engage in mindfulness and stress-relieving activities. Mindfulness practice is a great way to learn self-discipline. Many meditations and mindfulness apps are offering free downloads.

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