by Marcia Coward, District Parent and Family Engagement Manager

The Parent and Family Engagement Team has shifted through this pandemic, and “Rising Up” to match our words to actions!

As Family Engagers, we understand the plight of our families, and we are committed to staying focused on removing barriers to help with your student’s success. Through our webinars and signature events, we intend to empower you as the first teachers of your children, to reinvent and rebuild structures that support your students. We were intentional in building out programs based on input from you all. Know that we listened well and heard you loud and clear.

Yes! COVID-19 has disrupted all of our lives, but it has also provided a perfect opportunity for us to build powerful partnerships with our teachers, administrators, and community to provide your students with a fighting chance. While we may be fatigued by the intensity of the moment and worried about the state of our country and the world around us, we embrace the opportunity to truly connect with our school leaders and community as we figure out how to affect change in this ever-changing world. Change comes when we join together as a community, grassroots movements, and small groups to advocate for not only our children but on behalf of all children.

We are all in this fight together! I hope that you join us as we move DeKalb forward and help our students “Start STRONG” for 2021.

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