by Anne Ferreira District Family Engagement Liaison, Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy

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As part of the initiatives of creating a more inviting and intentional culturally aware school district, the Department of Parent & Family Engagement developed the workshop Welcome to DCSD: Exploring Our School District. This workshop series will assist the parents and their child(ren) in making a smooth transition into the school community. It will equip them with the knowledge necessary to navigate new educational experiences and receive additional information regarding the support available to promote the success of their child(ren).

The workshops sessions are:

  • Parent Involvement Basics
  • Structure of the School and District Overview
  • Technology – Learn the Programs we Use as Support Tools
  • Communicating with Teachers
  • Parents’ Rights & Responsibilities
  • High School Success
  • Road to College
  • Parents as Education Agents

The Welcome to DCSD: Exploring Our School District resourceful online program is a collaboration with MALDEF and their Parent School Partnership program. Since 1989, thousands of parents have successfully completed MALDEF’s PSP program, “parents are our nation’s best hope for ensuring that public schools educate and prepare well our future national leaders and contributors to community progress.” This program provides parents with the information and advocacy tools necessary to become more effective advocates in improving their children’s educational attainment, their schools, and their community.

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