COVID-19 Cases

Each Friday, DeKalb County School District (DCSD) will post a report of the district’s COVID-19 cases as self-reported by staff and students as required. Please note the following regarding data:

  • These cases include both students and staff members.
  • Student and employee health information is protected by state and federal law, and the school district cannot release information that could be used to identify a student or employee.
  • When a school has a confirmed case of COVID-19, the school notifies the DeKalb Board of Health and works to identify “close contacts” as defined under DPH guidelines. Please know that according to guidelines established by DPH, any students and staff who are confirmed cases of COVID-19 must follow the isolation guidance. All confirmed COVID-19 cases and close contacts will be provided a COVID guidance.

NOTE: An extended absence is not necessarily a positive case of COVID-19. There are multiple reasons (another illness, an injury, family emergency, etc.) that could cause an absence of multiple days.

Weekly COVID Cases

Archived Report