The Division of Communications and Community Relations actively works to strengthen the DCSD brand through coordinated efforts with schools and administrative departments. While the most recognizable symbol of our brand is the DCSD logo, the DCSD brand extends beyond what the eye can see.

DCSD has four main colors used in documents and graphics: DCSD Orange, DCSD Blue, DCSD Grey and Black.

The DCSD school color palette provides the use of 20 colors for school branding. Schools should use the color(s) that best fit their school colors on apparel and other marketing items.

There are four primary typefaces to be used in DCSD. The fonts should be used in all marketing to project a consistent visual identity. This includes promotional materials, advertising, digital assets and printed materials.

The four primary fonts are Calibri, Gotham, Open Sans and Raleway.

The DCSD logo consists of the logomark and logotype. The figures that create the logomark symbolize our 100,000+ students and the network of nurturing adults in their lives. The figures also convey interaction, protections and vitality. The logo type consists of “DeKalb County School District”.

The three figures should not be used separately from the logotype without approval from the Division of Communications and Community Relations.

Incorrect use of the DCSD logo not only compromises its integrity, but reduces its effectiveness. Never alter the logo or attempt to recreate it.

Download the DCSD Identity Style Guide

This is the foundation of DeKalb County School District’s (DCSD) communications, and is intended to help achieve consistency across all communications. The primary focus is on the proper use of the district’s name and widespread terms.

The Division of Communications and Community Relations uses the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook as a guide for journalistic copy. If you are writing a news release about the district or its schools, let AP be your guide.

The formal name of the organization is the DeKalb County School District on first reference, and DCSD on second reference. The district capitalizes all titles, before names, as well as proper nouns. The term “district” is never capitalized as a standalone term. When possible, all acronyms must be spelled out on first reference. The use of jargon is strongly discouraged.

DCSD always strives for a purposeful and clear tone in its written communications.