Research, Grants, and Evaluation provides support to all schools, centers, and departments. The department conducts district-wide surveys and data collection for instructional improvement and planning initiatives; coordinates and manages requests to conduct educational research; compiles reviews of literature and identifies current trends in education to support the superintendent in planning for the future; provides research consultation; and offers technical training and assistance to schools, departments, and professional staff on grant writing, as well as informing the district of current grant opportunities.

Research, Grants, and Evaluation supports the mission and goals of DeKalb County School District by producing fair, accurate and relevant information, and ensuring high-quality data collection and data-based decision making through collaboration and communication with others. Partnerships between schools, businesses and organizations are an integral component of helping the school district achieve our goal of providing exposure, access and equity for all students. We solicit the support of local, state and regional partners as we strive to build sustainable relationships that will enhance resources to maximize student success.

All agencies, institutions of higher education, non-profits, and others who wish to partner with DeKalb County School District on a grant application should complete the External Grant Opportunity Summary and Request form and send it to Marcia Oglesby in the Department of Research, Assessments and Grants.

Invitations and requests must be received in ample time for review and response before any deadlines.

Staff in DeKalb County School District schools, centers, and departments interested in submitting grant applications to outside sources should complete the Internal Grant Opportunity proposal and send to Marcia Oglesby in the Department of Research, Assessment, and Grants

Please follow the District’s grants procedures and process, prior to submitting a grant that exceeds $1000, and/or prior to partnering with an external organization

At no time will grants requiring matching funds be approved without appropriate authorization. This authorization process begins with the Department of Research, Assessments, and Grants.

All prospective researchers who are interested in conducting research in DeKalb County School District are required to submit a formal application and receive written approval before any research activities may begin. The district has adopted new guidelines for conducting research that should streamline the process.
Special Interest Materials Distribution (KIB-R)
– addresses conducting research, administering surveys and questionnaires, and defines what the district considers to be research and/or data collection proposals

Evaluation of Instructional Program (IJ)
– addresses the evaluation of instructional programs

Research Proposals

The research proposal process has two tracks for conducting research:

Local School Research Projects

For DeKalb County Schools’ employees who plan to conduct research that only involves data collection at the employee’s place of employment (school). This process requires principal’s approval only. This application track may not be used for doctoral dissertations. Local school research project proposals are usually requirements for Master’s or Specialist classes.

Research Review Board Research

For all prospective researchers conducting research for a doctoral dissertation, research involving data collection at a school that is not the employee’s place of employment, or research at multiple sites. All central office employees and those who are not DCSD employees will use this application process.

Process Flow Chart

1. Researcher submits application w/attachments to the principal.
2. Principal reviews and approves or denies the proposal.
3. If approved, the researcher submits copy of signed application w/attachments to DCSD Department of Research, Assessments, and Grants (RAG) for documentation purposes.
4. RAG receives, reads, and files applications w/attachments for documentation.
5. Researcher forwards a copy of completed research project. RAG reads and files a copy of the completed study.
1. University official submits application packet (w/supporting documents) to RAG electronically. Applications may also be submitted by government agencies or

5. RRB sends a letter of approval or denial to the researcher.

2. The Department of Research, Assessments, and Grants (RAG) staff reviews the application w/ attachments (first screening).

6. If approved, researcher secures permission from the principal(s) to conduct the research at the school site.

3. Research proposal is accepted or denied for RRB review.

7. If denied, researcher my resubmit proposal (at a later date).

4. RRB review proposals 3x a year (2nd screening).
September, January, and May

8. Researcher submits a copy of the completed study to RAG.

Submission Deadline Reviewed Decision Letter Sent
(approximate date)
August 26, 2016 September 2016 September 30, 2016
December 16, 2016 January 2017 January 31, 2017
April 28, 2017 May 2017 May 31, 2017
Friday, March 31, 2017

(due to state assessments and end of year activities)

Grant Awards

The goal of the grants office is to assist in identifying a wide range of potential grant funding sources, acquiring grants and securing collaborative partnerships with organizations to enhance educational opportunities that support district-wide initiatives and the District’s strategic plan. Students greatly benefit from grant funding and partnerships, whether they are in-kind or monetary donations, provided by our collaborative partners and other organizations.

For grant applications that exceed $1,000, please complete the Internal Grant Opportunity Summary and email it to Marcia Oglesby, Ph.D.

For external agencies seeking to partner with the District, complete the External Grant Opportunity Summary and Request form and email it to Marcia Oglesby, Ph.D.

Name of GrantRecipient of Grant Funding and or Grant Period Purpose and Benefits
Project Learning Garden/Captain Planet Foundation Marbut Theme, Henderson Mill, Hawthorne, Oakcliff Traditional, Chapel Hill, Dunwoody Elementary, and Chesnut Charter 1 year Strategies for building effective and long-lasting garden-based learning programs aligned to state and national standards: Installation of cisterns
Virtual Learning Lab - Personalized Learning CREST-ED - Georgia State University and DCSD Partnership 5 Years Personalized learning and virtual learning lab for students to increase academic outcomes
Improving Teacher Quality GSU - Dr. Joseph Feinberg/DCSD Partnership Feb. 2016 - March 2017 Professional Learning Economics Teachers- Focus Intl Econ Domain
GOSA Reading Mentors Oak Grove & Brockett 1 year/Language and Literacy specialist assigned to the school to provide coaching State Language and Literacy support; LLSs will conduct on-going coaching meant to provide teachers with a practical approach to data-driven instruction and allow school leaders the ability to monitor and support implementation of best practices.
DeKalb Board of Health/Centers for Disease Control Kittredge - Sumi Jayamaran $5,000 3-D printer
Improving Teacher Quality State Grant Georgia State University Dr. Christopher Tullis Dr. Eliseo Jimenez $60,000 Professional learning to improve teaching practices and student learning
HBCU-Up -- NSF Spelman College/DSCD $350,000 Increase the completion of BS degree in Computer Science among African-American women; Partnership with Spelman College
DeKalb Board of Health Grant Ms. Safiano $5,000 SHAPE Grant
Capstone Publishing Matching Grant Frances Bishop - Teacher Librarian Idlewood ES $4,500 The matching grant allowed Ms. Bishop to add 296 ebooks to the library collection
James Patterson Scholastic Reading Club Grant Martina Claritt - Teacher Librarian Narvie Harris Trad Theme School $3000 and 3000 points from Scholastic Reading Club The grant will allow the school to expand the literature selection in school libraries
Donorschoose.org Jenny Holloman - Teacher Librarian - Redan Middle School�raised $581� $581 Donors donated $581 to help Ms. Holloman�purchase books for her book club.
Target Field Trip Grant Anja Tigges - Teacher Librarian - DeKalb Early College $700 Fund field trips for students
Atlanta Teaching Tool Grant Brenda Hornaday/Brockett Elementary $500 Grant funds provided to foster teacher's STEM efforts
Donorschoose.org Brensda Hornaday/Brockett Elementary $2,533.32 We Love Science - $1,066.96; We Love ART and STEM - $185.96; Researching in hopes of Finding Cures - Future MD'S Club - $391.39; Hooked on Books - $205.20; ELL Students Need Helop with Phonics, Please! - $457.28; Please Help us Learn to Read - $226.53


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