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Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965, formerly No Child left Behind (NCLB), realized the importance of early learning and transitions to public schools. ESEA encouraged school systems to find ways to provide interventions for children ages three and four before they enter public school. The idea was to mobilize resources around targeted Title I schools with the goal of increasing school performance by reducing absenteeism, involving more parents in the process, and developing collaboratives with outside agencies.

Sixteen targeted Title I schools developed transition teams and transition programs for three- and four-year-olds to transition into public schools with special outreach for parents to involve them in the educational process and to improve the academic success for preschool age children. Private child-care centers and refugee centers participated in the process.

In collaboration with the sixteen Title I schools, the prekindergarten program, special education, and parent resource centers worked to develop the plan.