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Student Success

Welcome to Student Success where you will find resources to help you on your journey to becoming a high school graduate and planning your future after. The resources on this page will give you clarification for the college-going process and help you choose the post-secondary options that are right for you, by providing tools to help you get to know yourself better so you can create a goal-centered plan to be successful as a DeKalb student, and as an adult after graduation.

The keyword is ‘you’! Now, let’s get started together.

Our Focus

High school graduation is not the end of our students’ journey; it is just the beginning. The jobs of the future often require further learning after high school, and we want students to be prepared for the pathway they choose. That is why DeKalb County School District is intentionally focused on life beyond graduation, to ensure students are post-secondary ready by assisting with their post-secondary planning goals, including technical training/apprenticeships, two-year and four-year degree programs, military enlistment and joining the workforce.

Post-Secondary Readiness Definition

Our Services

  • Presentations
  • College Fair
  • College Rep Visit
  • Career Fair
  • Post-Secondary Education Plan
  • Scholarship and Enrichment Program Search
  • College Campus Visit
  • Naviance
  • Financial Aid and Literacy
  • Georgia Dual Enrollment