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Campus Portal is a secure application that provides parents, students, and staff with real-time access to information to better understand, monitor, and participate in the educational process – student attendance, grades, calendars, assignments, and important notices.



Get Connected Digital! is an initiative that promotes clear, concise, transparent and timely communication to all stakeholders.

DeKalb County Schools encourages parents to get connected:



DeKalb County Schools is committed to providing a 21st Century Learning Environment that engages and empowers student learning beyond the schoolhouse. We are constantly researching and providing equitable access to technology tools that support this endeavor.

  • Office 365 is an opportunity for students to download and install a full professional version of Microsoft Office on 5 personal devices.
  • Comcast Essentials provides equitable access to the internet for qualified families.

A 21st Century Learning Environment (21CLE):

  • communicates DeKalb County School District’s shared vision for teaching, learning, and assessment in the 21st century
  • identifies emerging technologies that will promote equitable access to an engaging learning environment
  • prepares students for success in a globally competitive society
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