Format & Rules

To participate in the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl, elementary and middle school students must read the current Georgia Children’s Book Award Nominees. The Georgia Book Award Nominees is the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl’s official reading list.

High school students must read the Georgia Peach Book Award for Teen Readers Nominees for the current year which is the official reading list of the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl.

Virtual Rules for the the 2021 Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

Rules of the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

  • Each school will participate in six rounds.
  • Each round will consist of 10 questions.
  • Alternates may be substituted between rounds.
  • Teams will receive 10 points for each answer.
  • There will be no penalties for wrong answers.
  • There will be five members on a team and up to five alternates.
  • A school may have no more than one team.

The winners will be determined in the following manner: The teams with the highest total points from all six of their rounds will be the winners. In case of a tie, the teams who are tied will be co-winners. Winning teams will receive a trophy for their school. In the case of a tie, neither team will receive the trophy that day. Another trophy will be purchased and engraved and presented to each of those teams at a later agreed upon date. There will be a first place, second place and third place winning teams (teams in case of a tie).

Team Selection Strategies

  • Recruit a teacher, paraprofessional and or parent to be co-sponsor and coach.
  • Encourage all students to read the Georgia Book Award Nominees
  • Teachers and sponsors make requirement for certain number of books to be read.
  • Secure AR (accelerated reader) test
  • Make multiple copies available
  • Use vendors such as Baker & Taylor, Bound to Stay Bound, Follett, Permabound, and others that carry GA. Book Award copies ( paperbacks)
  • Buy ebooks
  • Run a power point kiosk on workstations
  • Encourage purchase of personal copies on “tax free days”
  • Establish a “literary club” or type of “lunch bunch” where interested students can read and discus the books on the Georgia Award list .
  • Discuss each book with students as to its theme, plot, characters, settings, etc.
  • Give brief “book talks”
  • By December, at the latest, select possible team and alternates
    • Ask teachers for suggestions of students
    • Give tests on the 10 books for ES and MS and 20 books for HS
    • Hold a school level reading bowl
    • Encourage input from students
  • January or before, meet with team at designated time to review books and practice questions
    • Students, sponsors, coaches make practice questions
    • Use “extra” students not on team as “coaches”
    • Encourage students to read at least four (4) of the nominees

Click here to view an online version of Rules of competition for Team Members and Spectators.

Buzzers may be located by searching the Internet for Quiz Pro Systems.