Data Notes

Data Update Schedule

  • The following Data Dashboards will be updated monthly on or around the 3rd week of each month: Finance and Operations.
  • The following Data Dashboards will be updated annually as data are available: Culture and Climate, CCRPI, District Demographics, Graduation, and Strategic Plan.

Development Plans

  • The Data Dashboards site is in Phase 1 of development.
  • Below offers the current thinking on the development phases.
  • Your feedback is important to help shape the future of this work. Use the buttons below to get connected!
Phase Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Timing Spring 2022 Summer 2022 Fall 2022
Status Available Now Coming Soon Future State
Details Launch the Data Dashboards site. Include additional data and views for the Finance and Operations Dashboards. Share updated data for existing Dashboards.
Build new Dashboards for Finance and Operations related KPI (Key Performance Indicator) data. Build new Data Dashboards. Share your feedback to influence the future of this work!
Integrate existing Dashboards in cohesive and easy-to-access ways. Improve mobile responsiveness and accessibility of the Dashboards.
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