Award-winning actor and writer, Ken Sagoes, visits Lithonia Middle School.

Students in Zandra Drayton’s English Language Arts classes were treated to a lesson on writing by Ken Sagoes, an award-winning writer/actor. His visit coincided with their county performance task on producing a narrative story for a movie production company. He gave great advice on how to write stories and having self-respect.

The students were able to experience and participate in acting out a scene from his latest screen play, “Young Trials”, about a 14-year old prodigy trial lawyer who defends his father. The inspiration for this story is based on an actual teenage college graduate.

Ken Sagoes, born in Stockbridge, Ga., and raised in Atlanta, is an award-winning writer and actor who has more than 100 film, TV, and stage credits.

In film, he is best known for the role of “Kincaid”, one of the Dream Warriors in the classic horror films, A Nightmare On Elm Street, 3 & 4. He’s also known for John Singleton’s “Rosewood” as the loveable “Big Baby” and the role of “Darryl” with Martin Lawrence in the hit series, “What’s Happening Now.”

This article was submitted by Lithonia Middle School.