Chesnut Elementary uses drones to integrate STEM learning principles.

2nd grade teacher, Kantrail Horton, shows students the drone controls.

Chesnut Elementary School students programmed and operated 13 drones as part of the school’s monthly Chesnut Engineering Opportunity (CEO) Day.

Students received a first-hand experience with programming drones to land on designated coordinates as well as learning gaining a greater understanding of robotics and aerodynamics that enable them to fly. The drones were purchased for Chesnut Elementary by the Friends of Chesnut Foundation, Inc.

Chesnut Elementary, an AdvancED STEM-certified school, organizes monthly CEO days as part of its mission to integrate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education across the curriculum, stressing innovation, critical thinking and real-life problem solving skills.

Editor’s note: This article was submitted by Chesnut Elementary School.